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Totally catchy and an instant add to your summer playlist!

Up and coming indie pop quartet Rooftop Heroes return with ‘Heroes’ April 12th, in support of the charity organisation Caritas Switzerland to help prevent poverty worldwide in more than 30 countries. Having already secured over 1 million YouTube views on their channel, Rooftop Heroes are back to refine modern pop. Hailing from Eastern Switzerland, Rooftop Heroes is made up of Mike Frei (guitar & lead vocals), Daniel Frei (bass & vocals), Tobi Engeler (lead guitar & vocals) and Samuel Forster (drums & vocals). Originally called BluePearl and with two former members, the quartet featured on national German TV shows such as The Dome and Köln 50667. Now returning as Rooftop Heroes, the alternative collective have found their core audience on YouTube, collecting over 1 million views on cover videos but now are looking to give their fans more, releasing original songs taking influence from the likes of Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers, Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots and Bastille.

‘Heroes’ is taken from Rooftop Heroes’ upcoming EP, with all tracks produced by Echo Award’s Producer of the Year Vincent Sorg. The single will be part of a crowdfunding campaign to support the Caritas Switzerland charity organization, which you can read more on here: Rooftop Heroes will be releasing ‘Heroes’ via their own label The Heroes Network Agency, April 12th. Short bio: The Indie-Pop-band Rooftop Heroes have recently produced their very first EP with well-known German producer Vincent Sorg. In 2019, they will not only release a bunch of new original songs, but also some hand-picked cover songs, performed in their own style, recorded in the "Saurer Sessions". «Heroes» wants to be an anthem for the daily heroes in our lives. That's why the Rooftop Heroes created a charity crowdfunding together with the Charity organization Caritas to help people to get back into society. Four gentleman, soaking up every experience in daily life, have seriously decided to be one of those who refine modern pop. This decision is really not a result of the former success each band member is truly familiar with. It simply is this irrepressible addiction to the boards that mean the world. The Rooftop Heroes are already called an up-and-coming pop band, even without entering the very first big stage. Their promise: They give a voice to everybody. Their motto: They come up to stay

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