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The third album from perennial traveller and songwriter Carrie Tree is a mystical

musing in life and death. The album's delicate instrumentation and spatial sound add to the evocative tone of the work and the symbology than runs through it. As a whole the album is a reminder for us to reconnect with ourselves, the human race and nature. Alongside the title track, much of the album used images of water, journeys and canoes; a metaphorical inclusion that comes from several cultural traditions of the canoe being how we enter and depart this world. Honey Soup expands on this theme by placing the idea of the body as a vessel at the centre on the track.

Carrie’s breathy vocals further add to the ethereal soundscape of the album alongside her piano you’ll find banjo, accordion and other instruments carefully placed alongside tonal surprises. Although it’s easy to place her music directly in the folk camp, her nomadic heart, absorbing lyrical imagery and deftly arrangements allow her to cross genres as easily as a canoe rides the waves.

Groupie rating 4/5

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