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Dutch band Mozes and the Firstborn reflect on those Sunday drives and BBQ's where your Dad chooses the music. The band have pieced together a mixtape of sounds from indie to rock; the sort of thing you'd find on a Top Gear driving compilation. This exploration of the 'Dadcore' genre leaves the album open wide to interpretations and styles according to your mood.

The title track will be one of those ridiculously catchy driving songs that you wish your kids would stop singing. If I takes a darker feel that's perfect for those more reflective moments on your life playlist. Sad Supermarket Song taps into the garage band grunge days that inspired youthful hedonism. Blow Up follows the retro 90s feel but was made for those sunshine kissed days where you see the road through tinted lenses.

Like any mixtape, you'll skip through tracks one day and find yourself endlessly playing others on repeat, and of course, some will become perennial favourites.

Groupie rating 3/5

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