Korean composer and musician Rhy Dongju's approach to music is ever evolving. He brought us Songbird: an album filled with electro- orchestral guitar music. Then there was Animalistic U/Dystopia a Cyberpunk world themed album filled with electro influences including dubstep and orchestral arrangements and contains a variety of music from simple

electronic styles to dubstep and orchestral music. And on Transcendence he experimented with a purely classical sound. For his latest project, Appassionata, delves into the world of dub-jazz. The three track EP references the solitude, isolation and frenetic nature of city life. Filled with flourishes of classical fusion piano and late night sax. It's a short venture, that also shines beauty on concrete jungles with glistening jazz grooves on the aptly titled Concrete Forest. Once again Dongju has proved himself to be a flexible musician and composer who refuses to stick to a particular style. As listeners this makes his music especially exciting because you are never sure what he will pull out of the hat next.

#jazz #blues

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