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In 1969, a few years before The Eagles took the So-Cal sound mainstream, Glen Frey and JD Souther were laying the foundations for what was to come. Even though their own project never made it past the first album, there are obvious comparisons to be drawn to what would eventually be The Eagles sound, traces of Lyin' Eyes can be heard in jangle of Kite Woman for example. It's as if they picked up Bob Dylan in Greenwich Village, drove to LA and picked up Jackson Browne and Don Henley along the way and eventually reached their destination of Hotel California.

Jubilee Anne is pure country with super tight, Everly Brothers harmonies. The galloping southern beat of Run Boy, Run's is breathtakingly ahead of it's time and the heavier country rhythms of Bring Back Funky Women give a flavour of the 70s rock that would be adopted by their peers in the next decade. When the duo eventually went their separate ways, Souther stayed in the country tradition working with the likes of Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor and Frey, of course, went on to drive the West coast sound forward with The Eagles. They did, however, team up again for some of the The Eagles most loved tracks such as “New Kid in Town,” and “Heartache Tonight.” Their early songwriting efforts may only hint at what they would go on to achieve, but the album is pivotal in the evolution from folk to country rock and deserves this long-awaited reissue.

Groupie rating 4/5

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