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With a running time not much longer than an episode of Family Guy, Spun is a nightmarish onslaught of the senses. Exit Mask is a total punch in the face that will have you seeing stars and spitting blood.

The claustrophobic Panic Womb heightens this tension before Dare to Swim leaves us marooned in the ocean, drifting away with the tide. Steven Dobbs’ vocals are equally changeable: one minute he's foaming at the mouth, the next he channels Thom Yorke’s melancholia. Lorna Blundell’s drumming also has the same duality. At times there’s a feminine rhythm that propels the songs along, and in others, there's a switch to a ferocious powerhouse that is rarely seen in female drummers. The band wanted this EP to be a brutally honest representation of their music, and Spun is a brutal and bloody taste of what is to come.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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