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There’s a crude immediacy to The Silver Bayonets that you can’t ignore. The music on Braveface is unashamedly unmoulded yet thoughtfully melodic. More importantly, it never falls foul of the modern trend for sanitising music, making us forget what bands actually sound like.

Real Like You has a glowing 90s indie feel to it akin to the music of Dodgy or Ash. Suffocating Me is a galloping rock track that leaves little room to catch breath along the way. Vocalist Kabir doesn’t hold back his ragged vocals and wears his heart openly in his alt-rock sleeve throughout the album. Fake demonstrates such versatility and brings in a more dominate percussion section to match his desperate vocals. Inside the Jar further enhances their sound with a more pensive quality. The Silver Bayonets are a band who embrace the DIY approach and are not prepared to compromise on delivering honest, melodic rock.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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