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Gill Montgomery declares 'Everything I Learned, I Learned From Rock and Roll' on track three of The Amorette's new album and it's an accurate description of the record as a whole. Born To Break is a rock album with no fancy production or gimmicks - just bucket loads of fun songs and musicianship that is as tight as a bank manager's wallet strings.

The Scottish trio has experimented with a bigger sound and slick production over the years, but it never quite suited their sassy, unkempt image. Their live shows are known for being no-frills onslaughts of hot-blooded rock, and their albums have always been recorded with the aim of transferring this style from studio to stage. Their riffs are typically straight out of the r n' r rulebook, but their lyrics are one of a kind: who else could get away with rhyming "Bat Shit Crazy" with "dancing like Patrick Swayze"? Any idiots who have thrown unfair gibes about female rock bands have been silenced since the trio burst onto the scene; in fact, their songwriting and playing goes up a notch with every album they release. Hell Or High Water demonstrates their musical prowess and Whatever Get's You Through The Night is delivered with the cheeky wink that few male artists ever get away with. Born To Break may not step out of the mould, but who cares, it's good old-fashioned rock served up by one of the most energetic and enjoyable bands out there.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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