It's Valentine's Day so we though we'd celebrate with a look at love in all it guises. From innocent romance to sex and everything in between (the sheets!) Here is Photogroupie's 50 best love songs, some great songs you know and some you don't and not an Unchained Melody in sight.


It must be love love love! Valentine's Day wouldn't be the same without it. As they say it makes the world go round so if it's love at first sight or the love that has seen you through the good times and the bad let's pay tribute to the songs that remind you of the 'one'. Here goes...

#1 Hey There Delilah -Plain White Tees

This is beautiful, simple and hits the spot – the perfect love song! As powerful as anything Lennon and McCartney would have written. Although sadly not as well known the sentiment is no less poignant. Whoever Delilah is she is bound to be overwhelmed by this romantic gesture.

#2 The Woman in Me – Shania Twain

From our research the best love songs are those that rely on a heartfelt vocal and stripped back accompaniment rather than the over embellishment of orchestration. The Woman In Me is an early Shania Twain song before the mainstream pop country sound kicked her into super stardom. In the typical country vain, the tender love song is superior to the populist tracks – From This Moment and You're Still The One which she is better known for.

#3 Easy Silence – The Dixie Chicks

You've heard of awkward silences, well the Dixie Chicks have crafted a sensitive song about the joy of silence in a loving relationship. These gal's are brilliant because they cover the whole range of emotions within a relationship from fear to hope to resentment and hate and lots more in the time honoured formula of a 'Country Music' story. Ye Ha!

#4 I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

Not the obvious choice for a Whitney song, but then again it's not nearly so overplayed! It's bold but tender. It's classic Whitney and a worthy love song that's capable of standing along side the other great songs on the Bodyguard soundtrack. We will always love her!

#5 Penny Lover – Lionel Ritchie

A smoochy classic. The warmth and sensitivity in his voice as he opens his heart gives the song verisimilitude that is often missing from overworked love songs. Ritchie's stock in trade