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US singer-songwriter Sonia Leigh's brand new album is a defiant yet upbeat take on break ups, hedonism and moving on. Co-produced and mixed by Frank Romano who has previously worked with the likes of Sia and The Backstreet Boys and Grammy winner Mitch Dane, helps keep the sound breezy and commercial even in it's darker moments. Stepping away from her country 'girl with guitar' roots Leigh embraces this slight change in direction under Romano and Dane's direction drawing influences from hip-hop to pop. Walking In The Moonlight and Diamond Walking In The Desert could have the nonchalant swagger that wouldn't be out of place in the Top 40 or Billboard Charts, in fact, many of the tracks from the album could easily be covered by a variety of artists.

Acid Rain sees Leigh's crackling vocals edging towards rock territory and channelling her inner Melissa Etheridge with the bravado of Mick Jagger. Shelter harks back to her Nashville days with its slow dance feel whilst Waste The Day puts two fingers up to sobriety. NYC has the rowdy street feel of punk meets rock that is continued in the album's most noteworthy track Jack Is Back.

After five albums and plenty of gigging on both sides of the pond, Leigh clearly has her own direction well defined, but it's her abilities as a songwriter that stand out on this album.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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