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British Singer Songwriter Lauren Ray’s brand new single ‘’Two Days’ showcases her sweetly soulful vocals and touching lyrics, stepping away briefly from her usual piano led sound to lean into her Nashville/Americana influences such as Alison Krauss she confidently ticks all the right boxes for fans of classic singer songwriters. Co-written with Martin Sutton (LeAnn Rimes, Pixie Lott), ‘Two Days’ is a beautifully written track about the two important days in everyone’s life; the day you are born and the day you know why – with a romantic twist to knowing why. ‘Two Days’ is laced with wintery and romantic touches and is a perfect early December release.

Following on from the smooth tones of her previous single 'Drive', this new track is laced with a gloriously uplifting melody. Lauren's voice is able to encapsulate passion, tender emotion and the intimacy that she is telling the listener her deepest secrets. The heart warming track is the perfect antidote to a cold winter night.

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