Hammersmith Apollo 13th June 2017

This is an event that has been on the calendar for every Evanescence fan in the UK for a very, very long time. The last time they graced our little rock off of Europe was in 2012, when they played a four-date arena tour. So absolutely no one was surprised that the London show sold out so quickly that they put a second night on, which also, sold out. I was lucky enough to attend that second night [which was the night before the original show], so let’s delve into what happened for those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss out.

Straight onto stage with ‘Everybody’s Fool’ instantly whips up the crowd into an excited frenzy. Amy Lee can really sing, she has a simply phenomenal voice live as one would expect. Rolling straight into the second song ‘What You Want’ with a heavily backlit stage oozing deep purples and blues. A near total lack of front of house lighting provided an atmosphere that you could imagine Evanescence would want; dark, sultry, gothic. With no waiting around, we head into ‘Going Under’, which the fans scream and cheer for as the bass and kick drums ripple throughout the auditorium.

There isn’t a huge amount of conversation with the crowd from Amy. They were late to stage, so perhaps there was a squeeze on timings, or possibly they just wanted to play their hearts out but at times it felt a little rushed or perhaps a little shyness of interacting with a crowd whilst there’s no music being played? The crowd are enthralled after each song, totally in love with the performance. ‘Haunted’ has the best reaction so far; everything is very punchy and sounds almost exactly the same as the records.