O2 Arena London 29th May 2017

It's been four years since the mighty Iron Maiden played in London and six years since they did a UK tour; that's too bloody long, even by the band's own admission. It's certainly been torturous for the fans even me, and I'm also a Kate Bush fan where patience comes close to saintliness! Watching snatches of clips of bootleg YouTube videos of American audiences having a great time, just made us even more envious. Counting down the days since the UK tour was announced has been torturous, but holy smoke it was worth the wait!

After Bruce's recent battle with cancer, one thing that was of concern was his voice. Having seen live streams and other clips on the internet from the American tour; yes he could still sing, but the air raid siren sounded a little raspy and tired as if he wasn't quite ready to cope with the vocal demands of the tour. However, being the trooper that Bruce is, he carried on. The intervening months have certainly served him well and allowed him to take care of the demands of a world tour. That tone we know and love is just as sharp as ever and it's amazing (and a relief) to see him back on top form.

In fact, the band sounded terrific, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen them play. They have so much energy, they appear unstoppable and like a fine bottle of Eddie's Special Brew, they seem to get better with age. The fact that it's The Book of Souls Tour s