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Swedish songwriter and producer extraordinaire OLSSON has released his new single ‘Take Your Time’, the latest to be taken from the recently released debut album Millions out now through Universal. ‘Take Your Time’ is a euphoric slice of indie-electronica, with ethereal bass and guitars similar to The XX alongside dreamy synths and vocals reminiscent of Friendly Fires. Regarding the single OLSSON says, “I went around for ages with a feeling of “everything´s alright but nobody´s happy”, which is significant for our times. I wanted ‘Take Your Time’ to capture that apathetic state and to be as laid back as the clip where Frank Sinatra sings 'Cycles', on a bar chair, with a cigarette burning up slowly in his hand while he´s smoothly singing words. It´s the albums main beat-driven ballad.” The new single follows the release of ‘One In A Million’, ‘Ça M’est Égal’ and ‘Hold On’, all taken from Millions. The album’s release has seen OLSSON achieve high profile acclaim from the likes of Zane Lowe, Noisey, Thump, Resident Advisor and more. With Millions OLSSON has created an album that cross-pollinates musical flavours, spanning generations and continents. It’s an orgy of house pianos, Madchester beats, untamed instrumental work and bruising soul hallmarks. Millions is an unconventional and nostalgically tuned indie-dance pop project, which is set to see OLSSON breathe new life into parties around the planet.

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