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Thyrant's debut release has been 20 years in the making. Although Thyrant has known each other for two decades through separate musical projects, it was only in 2015 that they decided to form a band of their own. Armed with nothing more than a few riffs to get them started, over the following months the band began recording and their debut release is the result of their efforts.

The 8 track album is an appetising delight of death metal vocals and melodic rock accompaniment. It feels like it's caught halfway between an EP and an album in terms of length, but they always say it's best to leave your audience wanting more.

The roaring and venomous vocals may be pure death metal, but the backing is classic metal and rock. As Daniel Pérez flails around like a bear in a cage on Bury Me, the band support him with rolling dual guitars and heavy duty percussion. Endless Hunt has overtones of Judas Priest and Maiden in terms of scale and design. The instrumental title track continues to demonstrate the band's love of the moody whilst E.O.S delves into more of a classic rock and thrash sound. Carving The Throne expands towards the progressive elements of modern black metal, which bring the album full circle. Like Kvelertak, there is a focus on melody which drives the music along, making it accessible to those who yearn for a clean vocal.

It's hard to pigeonhole Thyrant, they are not black metal, not thrash or classic rock. Their influences are clear from Maiden to Slayer, from Carcass to Bathory, there's something here that encompasses the mainstream and the underground and that's what makes this debut so appealing. It's very much a labour of love, drawing on their enthusiasm for the genre, their skill as musicians and successfully bringing together their influences into one electrified space.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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