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Swedish indie rock band Mount Song is the first track from their self-titled album. With the melodic sensibilities of bands like Flaming Lips and Crowded House the song is immediately engaging and continues to enchant on further listens. Singer-songwriter Jacob Johansson has already had acclaim in his home land following the release of his own album in 2014. Listening to the carefree, indie folk vibes of his new music, it's not hard to see why he has had such success.

Johansson continues to write from a very personal perspective “I write about that which feels urgent to me, the things that knock me out; my encounters with life's monsters. That which feels most urgent for me in the moment becomes the content of the songs.” As a result his music is a spectrum of light and dark, love and hate, but all the time the melodies he creates are the focus of his music. Along with the rest of the band (Karl Vento, Knut Källgren, Lovisa Samuelsson) Mount Song create music that is absorbing, thought-provoking and leaves a lasting impression.

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