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Fight the Fight have found themselves bubbling under the Norwegian underground scene for the best part of a decade previously under the name Faenskap. After supporting several larger bands including Avenged Sevenfold, Fight The Fight are now attempting to rise up to the surface and head straight into the world of mainstream metal. These post-hardcore rockers may just be out of their teens but are already making an impact with their well-received live shows.

Whilst the band may be fairly versed in live performance their debut album is fairly nascent. There's a grain of immaturity and inexperience that raises its head every now and then in terms of lyrics and also their over enthusiasm. There's no doubt that the band shows promise and is full of energy, but in places, they are a little too forceful. Sometimes it feels that they are just trying too hard to make themselves heard. This exuberance of youth or indeed the need to fight the good fight is perhaps the albums downfall. That said there are snatches of maturity towards the end of the album with tracks like This Is War and Patient Zero. There's certainly great promise with these Norwegian lads but maybe just a tad too much fight in their bellies and they could do with relaxing a little bit.

Groupie Rating: 3/5

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