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Jupiter Falls are one of the most exciting and dynamic hard rock bands to emerge from the UK : they return with their highly anticipated new single, This Is A War We Cannot Win. The track, taken from their forthcoming new album, Faces In The Sand Part One, shows a tremendous development in their already mammoth sound. Guest vocalist Chris Clancy matches Jay Osborne's powerhouse vocals note for note creating an metallic army of sound. Deano Silks guitar work is once again on point, proving his skill and ability tenfold.

The band have gone for a more cinematic and expansive sound on this track, with masses of crashing drums, wailing guitars, rapturous bass lines and of course those distinctive vocals from Jay. The focus on melody is still there, but the lyrics are more thoughtful, more real, more honest.

As a taste of things to come it shows that Jupiter Falls are just getting started. The magnitude of this track can only show that The Face In The Sand will be nothing short of epic. 

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