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What's so great about Daughters of Davis? Well here are three reasons you should love them!

1. They sold pretty much all their possessions to live on the road and tour their music around the UK in a van that they brought off eBay. It was a big heap of rusty tin and the girls survived living off porridge and tinned soup alone. The sisters survived in their chilly, damper-van for almost 2 years until glory hit them! A New Motorhome was given for free via a happy camper-company Elddis! They literally drive round in the sweetest ride now! We all love a rags-to-riches story.

2. The two that make up DoD are sisters, one blonde, one brunette, they look nothing alike, but it's the same Dad honest! Their music is an original mix of Soul/Folk/Funk/Indie and their last album 'British Soul' made it into the iTunes Top 10 in the Singer/Songwriter Chart without a label...

3. They've been on some awesome tours in recent years supporting the likes of The Eels, Leona Lewis, Rebecca Ferguson....wait for it...AND Peter Andre!

Their third studio album #Notplayingthegame is a concept piece around a campaign they have been incessantly promoting which is currently taking the UK by storm. The aim of this passion project is to convey how the heart aims to break down the lies fed to society through the media. It doesn't matter how you look or who you are...hence #Notplayingthegame!

The album is due for release on the 11th December and available for pre order now off their website, plus will be out on iTunes:

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