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Californian four piece Symmetry have released their new single Gotta Wake You up. Staring with a jarring 3 second alarm bell, the track opening is like having a bucket of cold water poured over you. As things move on the track alternates between tender and desperate with vocalist Mike Campbell putting in a passionate performance. The video offers some humour with use of playing with speed and time, similar to Alanis Morisette's Thank You video. But underneath the videos lighter moments the lyrics of the song talk of a deeper message. Tapping into the high school and collage age group, this track epitomizes the post teenage angst of relationships, emotions, depression and helping those you care about through their bad times.

The band have already toured with Don Broco, McBusted, Third Eye Blind and Coast, which should give you a flavour of their power pop sound. A catchy, memorable socal pop rock track to bring some sunshine into the gloomy British winter days.

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