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Sheffield band Coyote Mad Seeds, lean heavily on the masters of old to create their dynamic and forceful sound, which in their own way harks back to early days of the Godfathers of punk and rock. Rather than merely replicating the old masters in sound and style and risk sinking into the muddy mosh pit of mediocrity, CMS come out of it positively stinking of their own boisterous musicality.

Their second EP, Get Out Of My Way lays the foundations for a very promising entry into the world of modern rock. A Reason To Live opens the four-track EP with a burning desperation, hot and heavy riffs from Joe Elsey and some triumphant pummelling percussion from Rik Smith (drums) and Chris Whitehead (bass) Get Out Of My Way, oozes Maiden's Be Quick Or Be Dead with punky riffs and Joe's screeching high tenor vocals making this a solid and memorable track on the EP. Extremis begins with an alt rock, Kaiser Chiefs style chugging riff before shifting to a darker, growling sound with grimacing vocals from Joe and more turbulent instrumentation from the rest of the band.

Shock moves from the dizzy melodies of classic rock to the melancholia of grunge and the spark of punk in the 8-minute long track. Surprisingly it doesn't feel long, it's almost hypnotic in its repetition. The track oozes the atmosphere of sweaty clubs with beer soaked floors, tightly packed bodies, flaying arms and bass lines so heavy that you feel your chest burst with a sonic blast!

If you like your music on the melodic, yet heavy side, with a nod to grunge, punk and classic rock then these Sheffield boys are mad, bad and dangerous to know.

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