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The idea that rock and tech could be bedfellows has never sat easily with some. Bringing the keys and symphonic sounds of the elitist prog movement into the spit and sawdust world of rock was always going to be contentious and some would argue that it ultimately made rock too commercial and cheesy. Others saw it as an opportunity to broaden the macho genre to something more than guitar licks and powerful vocals.

Today, in our technological overloaded age it seems like a no-brainier to put these elements together, with many mainstream bands already making the most of the outlets available to help them. Seek Irony have taken the stance of proudly facilitating these once opposing elements for their debut album in a comfortable fusion of sound.

She, the album opener gets their debut off to an incredible flying start. The title track is not only incredibly catchy it sets out the album's mission statement; "when the old meets the new in a different way...rock 'n' roll and techno in the perfect blend, makes you wanna jump and bang your head." - something that it more than succeeds in.

Running Towards The End of the World makes a firm statement about the plugged in generation being turned into mindless zombies. Its truthful commentary combined with a complimentary mix of keyboard riffs and guitar work speaks volumes about the band's refusal to rely totally on the computerised.

The synths are held back in their place by flourishing guitar riffs and dry vocals which alternate somewhere between cyborg and human, depending on the mix. Overall the band really manage to find a perfect balance of real and sampled sounds.

Peel Me Away leaves off the electo creating a devilishly animalistic alternative rock sound, whereas Ravelution Push pools in some heavy electro for a full on tech and rock onslaught.

For fans of The Killers and Imagine Dragons this certainly won't offer anything new, but Seek Irony are clearly aiming their sound outside the mainstream with their own twists on the genre. It may not be unique, but it's well-programmed alt rock.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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