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In a storm of seething punkish vocals, sludgy guitars and monstrous basslines the Nova Twins (aka Amy Love and Georgia South) release their debut EP clearly determined to make their mark.

The band are difficult to categorise, think The Plasmatics with a touch of Nicki Minaj and you're part way there. It's aggressive, forceful but has the beating heart of an 808 bass line, only played on a real kit.

The rapped vocals are pure punk delivered with an atonal snarl, yet surprising poetic. The hip hop feel runs through the EP from the chugging opening of My Name On It to the rapturous Basslines Bitch which demands us to "murder that bassline." The drums and bass really fill in the gaps with heavy influences from hip hop and grime but this powerhouse percussion also pulls heavily from punk and is what drives their music forward on tracks like Wave and Drums.

The charm of this EP lies with the creative fusion of sounds closely resembling being ruffed up in a dark ally, dragged through CBGB's and being spat out somewhere in Harlem. It makes you dance and rock out at the same time, takes pleasure in ravaging your mind, defiling your senses and simultaneously wracking up the pleasure.

It's a headbangers rave not to be missed.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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