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Influenced by ‘90s hard rock bands (think Incubus in their quieter moments) and the raw vocal power of Alanis Morissette and Hayley Williams, Molly Anna’s dark fiction weaves intricate tales of love, self-destruction and extraordinary escape plans: from the scars left by lovers gone wrong to a burnt down house and a flawed alibi…

As shown on their debut EP, Ghosts, which was released in January, Molly Anna Band are an empassioned musical outfit whose sound is strengthened by its eclectic influences. The label of folk metal may offer some insight to their sonic output, but with elements of jazz, pop and hip hop thrown in to the mix, it is only a over view of their diversity.

Latest single Horror Show has been remastered from their EP version and features new drums and guitar recordings resulting in a bigger and more dramatic sound - representative of the band's recent growth from duo to 6 piece band.

The video, as premiered by Louder Than War, was created as part of South Yorkshire Film Network’s 2Weeks2MakeIt contest, where the group picked up the award for Best Song.

Molly Anna Band recently completed their first tour, including stops in Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Aberystwyth. Over they summer they are hitting the festival circuit, including three in their Yorkshire home; Tramlines Fringe and Live in Barnsley.

With a refined, mature and honest sound, the group are set for even bigger and better things in 2016.

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