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29th April 2016

Since releasing their debut album Here We Go Again last year, the Anglo- American country band has been making some big waves on the scene. Led by the vivacious Jessica Clemmons, the Bandits bonded over their love of the genre and one of the best bands in modern country was born. Forget all the yee-ha, stetson and tassels of old, this band haS as much attitude as The Dixie Chicks and all the lyrical sentiments of Dolly Parton.

You often here people talking about the 'special relationship' between USA and UK, well forget Obama and Cameron or Maggie T and Regan, here you have absolute proof of a special relationship between an all-American girl and her English band. There is definitely a chemistry between the 5 of them that some bands only dream of. They not only wave the flag of new country, they proudly show off their heritage by performing an astonishing cover of Wichita Linesman too. Other covers grace the set, Some Days You Gotta Dance made famous by The Dixie Chicks and Love Sneakin' Up by Bonnie Raitt, both tracks get the JATB treatment and could easily have been penned by Jess. They also look like they are having a bloody good time too, when performing tracks like Single Tonight and Trouble.

There are some new tracks tonight too including the fun and criminally catchy Kiss You Now will have you singing along by the second chorus. It's JATB at their upbeat best writing about a Cosmo inspired take on a girl being direct enough to make the first move. Part of the JATB charm is their inspirational lyrics Here's To Us is about not forgetting to enjoy yourself and be happy even if 'the world's on fire' and Nitty Gritty, which is not only another memorable song, it's a shining example of the enduring sentiment in country songs. You Can't Stop Me and What If are both heart-wrenching ballads that Jess delivers with utmost sincerity and passion, the latter being one of the most personal songs she has ever written. One of the things that make the band so captivating is Jess' delivery of her songs and the way she performs her songs with such brutal honesty, the kind that has made country music beloved by fans over the globe.

As their song suggests, this country girl (and her band) really do rock your world.

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