Richi Jones won the 2014 Open Mic UK contestant and has been building up his fan base by touring locally in his native Wolverhampton and wherever else he can. Richi is currently at uni studying popular music and is focussing on producing and engineering. Even though he is busy with his studies, he's able to keep in touch with his fans with his You Tube channel and bring them all his latest music.

Richi Jones

PHOTOGROUPIE: (PG) What have you been up to since winning Open Mic?

RICHI JONES: (RJ) I've just been doing lots of gigs, I was gigging before I won the competition, but I've been getting lots of cool shows since I've won the competition. I've also been working on my music to get my demos down in preparation for getting in the studio and recording my EP. I want to make sure that when I start recording everything is ready, so I'm working pretty hard on that.

PG: When is the EP coming out?

RJ: There's no release date yet, but I potentially start recording on the 13th July. I study producing at uni too, and I wouldn't let the EP come out until I was 100% happy with it. Once I have all the tracks laid down, I'll work on them myself to make them perfect.

PG: What made you audition for Open Mic?