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Praised by BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson as ‘one of the most interesting rap artists in the UK,’ due to his training in Kung Fu with Shaolin Monks in China and his law degree. ShaoDow is also hailed as ‘one of the hardest working MCs in the game’ by DJ Semtex (BBC 1Xtra), having sold over 20,000 albums single-handedly without a label. Working together with producer Scarz, ShaoDow takes it back to basics with The Way of Shao, an old school Hip Hop inspired track with a twist. Representative of Shao’s eclectic musical tastes, the track mixes a traditional sample led Hip Hop head-nodder with heavy-weight Rock Metal electric guitar riffs played by the talented Ricky on Guitar.

ShaoDow uses the slower tempo as an opportunity to show off his superior wordplay skills, casually flinging in metaphors and similes that will surely take more than a few listens to decipher. Singer Kelly Woods completes the offering lending her beautiful vocals to the infectious chorus.

The official music video further highlights his creativity. Filmed using selfie mode on his phone and then edited by the rap entrepreneur, the video gives a small insight into ShaoDow’s way, documenting his journey across the UK and the wider world as he builds his music career and fanbase.

The Way Of Shao will be released on iTunes on Sunday 21st February. It will also be available on ShaoDow's upcoming third album 'シャウ道。- The Way of Shao'. The album will be released alongside his original Manga comic book series of the same name. ShaoDow has opened for the likes of Stormzy, Tech N9ne, The Pharcyde, and Skepta, collaborated with Ghetts and Dot Rotten; toured the UK and Europe; released his own wireless headphone range and drives the ‘ShaoDow Ship’ his own branded touring van.


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