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Over his 40 year career, Robert Cray has more than proved his worth as a blues performer; winning five Grammys and being inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame being some of his notable achievements. His crisp, clean guitar work and silky, soulful vocals have made him one of the most distinctive blues artists. It's little wonder that he has achieved such popularity on both sides of the pond.

On the last night of his UK tour, Cray and his stellar band showed no signs of being road weary as they delivered a competent and satisfying show. Cray chose to minimise the chit chat with the audience in favour of packing in as many songs from throughout his career, more than enough to please everyone. Tracks Phone booth and Bad Influence, from Cray's 1983 breakthrough album of the same name showed no sign of dating thanks to the band's adroit musicianship and cohesion, whilst later songs Fix This and the retro Booker T nod, Hip Type Onions are on par with his suburb earlier work.

Cray and his band are as adept at performing standard blues numbers like Fix This and Chicken In The Kitchen as they are at the gloriously melancholic (Time Makes Two and I'm Done Cryin' ). A slowed down funky reworking of his biggest hit Right Next Door (Because Of Me) Poor Johnny and The Forecast (Calls For Pain) all make up a varied set that showcases the best of the master of modern blues.

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