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Talented folk-singer/songwriter, Theo first appeared on the music scene 5 years ago at the humble Woodburner Folk Club in Hackney, then known as The George - at the time a run down former pub. It was here that Theo first performed and organised weekly folk music events. The Woodburner has now moved on and upwards to brighter future and so has Theo, every inch the wandering minstrel and with a touch of reggae thrown in. A folky narrator in the vein of those who have gone before, reflecting the time in which they live and telling us of the world through their eyes, philosophising and giving hope. As did all greats Dylan, Baez, Simon and Garfunkel before him.

He is lyrically fluent, and his time as a busker has meant that he can play a mean guitar whilst keeping time with a tambourine on his foot just like all good buskers should! On You Give Theo showcases the brilliant, very catchy and slightly paranoidNever Alone. The titular track is about friendship moving on and never forgetting those mates you left behind. A really great upbeat track, made all the more so by Theo's plucky finger-style playing and the addition of Whiskey Moon Face’s Louisa Jones playing double bass and singing backing vocals.

The reggae influenced Evil Eyesabout a manipulative woman who " wants to stop me feeling, stop me dreaming" "singing me lies" lyrically deep and poignant with the end line – "don't stop dreaming." Fulfilling dreams and not losing hope seem to be a theme on the EP. Time To Live advocates self-love and acceptance and the importance of making life, and time count, "the mind is not your prison, the mind is your escape." The mantra-like chorus is hypnotic, gets under your skin, mush like the rest of the songs on the album. Of course not forgetting Burning Wood Tonight- an homage to the Woodburner where it all started.

A fine display of talent from an inspiring modern British folk singer. Bard by name, bard by nature.

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