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Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) are one of the biggest metal bands in the world, even so it takes a band with some pretty bigco jonesto go head to head with the mighty Iron Maiden. Got Your Six certainly serves as a mean opponent and 5FDP have delivered a fine album.

Got Your Six is the band's 6th album and is once again produced by Kevin Churko (who was also behind Disturbed stellar new album). With rumours of the band splitting due to an on stage bust up between front man Ivan Moody and drummer Jeremy Spencer earlier this year, many feared they would never get to hear the album. Gladly the guys put aside any differences and it was business as usual. But boy what a shame it would have been not to have heard this album! It's aggressive, sharp and it doesn't pussy foot around.

The title track opens the album in an onslaught of metal mayhem. It's a pumped up with all the roaring hallmarks of a 5FDP classic and is the start of some serious shredding from Zoltan Bathory and some frezied drumming from Spencer.

The albums lead single, Jekyll and Hyde has a huge presence on the album simply because it is such an awesome track, filled with bravado a tempestuous ego! It's even got an air punching 'oh eeo ee oh' chorus is sure to pack arenas with a hefty wall of testosterone driven sound. Wash It All Awaycontinues the themes of modern and personal angst that Jekyll started and both are strikingly relevant in their content.

Ivan Moody is vocally pushed to the limit with this album. His forceful baritone explores everything from growls to melodic choruses with effortless grace. His despairing vocals on This Ain't My Last Dance and My Nemesisare testament to this. Question Everythingthrows a curved ball with some acoustic guitar and is possibly the stand out track here. Digging My Own Grave and Boots and Blood continues to define Moody's melodic vocals as he alternates throughout the album from being a sensitive vocal giant, to a Travis Bickle anti hero. It's a wonderful exploration of his abilities.

For those sick of atonal metal filled with death growls and white noise hooked up to a Marshall amp, look no further than 5FDP. This album is certainly one to aid their rise in the metal world. It's gritty enough to satisfy a traditional metal audience, but melodic enough to assemble those from other musical camps. Don't worry guys we still have your six!

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