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California rock band Buckcherry have just released their 7th studio album, Rock 'N' Roll. As you can guess from the title this is non stop good old fashioned rock 'n' roll. Speaking about the new album, singer Josh Todd says, “there’s been so much talk about how rock ‘n’ roll is dead and all of this bullshit,” . “The funny thing is, that’s been going on since we put out our first record in 1999. We wanted to call the new album Rock ‘n’ Roll, because this is what we’ve been doing our whole lives. We focused on making a record that encompasses all of what we are. You get every flavor of Buckcherry.”

Bring It On Back, is a energetic, gritty rock song

which sets the template for the rest of the album. Tight Pants and Woodare hugely infectious tracks in the vain of Aerosmith or The Quireboys. Both tracks are fun, sassy, cheeky raunchy and downright risqué. The brass section in the former only make the track hot up even further! They are going to be great live!

Any rock 'n' roll album wouldn't be complete without a ballad, so the boys slow down the pace with the cowboy country rock trackThe Feeling Never Dies. The songs brings out the tender side of Josh Todd's distinctive vocals along with a well crafted slow-dance chorus that would make Bon Jovi green with envy.

The Cradlekicks things back into touch with some full on riffing thanks to Keith Nelson and Stevie D and some fine percussion from Xavier Muriel on drums and the awesome Kelly LeMieux on bass. A trashier edge comes through on beginning of The Madness and the track generally has a different flavour with dirty guitars and slamming drums. You can really feel as if the band are letting rip and it's great to hear!

Rain's Fallingis a blues based song with some sparky chords and keyboards. It's a nice interlude from the full on rock and has some more great guitar work but does feel a bit flat after the energy has been so high. Sex Appeal blasts the album back into life with some driving musicianship and gravelly vocals. Get With It, the shortest track on the album encompasses everything great about rock 'n' roll in under three minutes. It's sexy, bluesy, catchy and filled with the sound that typifies the genre.

There's nothing remarkable here, it's certainly good fun and does give home to some stand out tracks, but in places it's a tad cliched. However, I think the band know this only too well. After all the album is called Rock 'n' Roll and is a homage to everything that is great and true about one of the worlds most beloved genres.

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