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Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces have created an album that not only appeals to die hard rock fans, but is melodic enough to appeal to the airwaves. Like Evanescence, Imagine Dragons, Enter Shikari and Linkin Park before them Smash Into Pieces have bridged that gap between rock and pop and produced a terrific album.

The Apocalypse DJ is energetic, endlessly listenable and full of melodic and memorable songs, but still incorporates that heavier dropped D distorted guitar sound which gives it an edge. It has thoughtful lyrical elements, light and shade in musical tone and is as catchy as hell and never falls into the trap of being samey.

Stronger, the album opener has a killer electro riff and classic rock chorus and really sums up the rest of the album. My Cocaine is an awesome rock ballad with some great vocals from Elize Ryd from Amaranthe. It's a brilliant rock ballad and is probably one of the best songs on the album (its definitely a personal favourite along with Reaching Out) Checkmate, slows things down with a sombre edge which is followed by the haunting piano on Colour Of Your Eyes. Burn brings us back to full on rock as does Rock 'n' Roll (The Apocalyptic DJ)

Throughout the album the band demonstrate their ability to alternate between full on rock and softer musical elements which really make them stand apart from their contemporaries. A great rock album from a band with a great future.

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