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Fans of the American metalcore band will be wondering if All That Remains will be able to redeem themselves after a few critical boo boos. Unfortunately their latest album is a case of seventh album itch. There are moments when things start to take off, but more often than not the tracks blend into each other in an indistinguishable blur of mediocrity. The title of track 1 gives an idea of where it's heading; This Probably Won't End Well has the classic hallmarks of a melodic metalcore tune, but despite the drop D guitar tuning, triplicate drum patterns and Philip Labonte's pop punk vocals the opening track fails to draw you in.

Track 2, No Knock has plenty of death growls and that ferocious drumming again, but almost seems out of place with the rest of the album until you get to track 6, A Reason For Me To Fight when things begin to get grittier. It also boasts a terrific guitar shredding descant which is worth keeping your ear out for but the rest of the track is average. Divide and Greatest Generation are pretty tame tracks too and For You is the obligatory ballad. Pernicious takes things to a heavier level and Bite My Tongue is bound to go down well with the mosh pit loyal. Tre Kvlt Metal and Criticism and Self Realization show signs of something exciting emerging but they are also disappointing.

With potentially prophetic such as like "did you forget all the things that made you stand out ", "breakaway and look for something new" and "Remember what made us great" you have to wonder if the band have exhausted their creativity and lost their direction. By playing safe rather than creating a solid and memorable album, All That Remains have indeed kept the order of things firmly in place.

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