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15 August 2014

Status Quo are like the greatest pub band you've ever seen! Despite most pub bands actually covering their songs, the real deal embraces everything that’s iconic and British about a good old knees up. The songs they play are instantly recognisable and memorable, even somebody who is not a fan would be hard pushed not to sing along withRocking All Over The World orCaroline. They may not be the best musicians or write the best songs but that's all part of the Status Quo charm. We love them because they are a little rough around the edges, unashamed of forgetting lyrics or playing a bum note or two, but more importantly they have a bloody good time while they're doing it. Their passion for their music and exuberance for having a good time is contagious. It's impossible to go to a Quo concert and not enjoy yourself!

The sad news that Rick Parfitt would not be joining them for the first time in nearly 50 years due to doctors orders, did not dampen the mood. John 'Rhino' Edwards son, Freddie (who has also performed with Rossi on solo tours) took up his axe as a last minute replacement and did his Dad and Rick proud. Rossi and the rest of the band covered the shared vocals and put on a seamless show that was a credit to the band. It may have been disappointing for the fans not to have Rick performing, but hats off to the band for being troopers and not cancelling another show.

The band teased us with the startof Pictures Of Matchstick Men before launching into Caroline and Paper Plane,after which there was no stopping them. The band continued to fire out one hit after another; a medley featuring Rock N Roll With You and Down The Dustpipe, The Oriental, Down Down, Whatever You Wantand Rockin All Over The World. Rhino took the vocals on Creeping Up On You, a superb live version of In The Army Now was followed by Leon Cave flexing his rhythmic muscles with a terrific drum solo (The Caveman). The lighting was pretty good too, rivalling a Pink Floyd concert!

There's no doubt the band are tremendous fun live and even though Clumber Park wasn’t full, the crowd were enthusiastic. Earlier in the day Babajack eased the audience into the musical spirit with their blues rock tunes and Toseland were put in charge of warming up the audience. Having seen them before I think they are a great band with some terrific rock songs and once again they put on an energetic show, performing songs from their new album Renegade.

Status Quo's popular galant music has ensured their place in British musical history and people's hearts. They only ever had one hit in the US so they remain a very British phenomenon that are as dear to us as the Sunday roast, Corrie and pint in the pub.

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