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Renegade is the aptly titled début album from English rock band Toseland. Founded by lead singer James Toseland after turning his back on the professional world of Super Biking to return to music - but the sport worlds loss is rock music's gain. Defying the current trends in the rock genre, Toseland have returned to the classic rock roots that have clearly inspired them and released a proper solid rock

album, placing riffs and quality melodies as top priority. The album has been penned by James Toseland and Little Angels frontman Toby Jepson, so that should give you some indication as to the album's sound.

The 11 track album is pure rock from start to finish and as thrilling as a super bike race. Life Is Beautiful is a strong opener with a great bass riff and is a good choice to show off James' vocals. Crash Landing, already getting some decent airplay on Planet Rock, is an adrenalin rush of a track which consolidates everything that we love about rock; a pummeling driving rhythm section, top class melody, awesome guitar solo and gutsy vocals. Gotta Be A Better Way and Singer In A Band continue with energy and drive the album to its midway point.

The closest thing the album has to a slow track and ballad is Just No Way which appears in the middle of the album, allowing us to catch our breath before the full force of the band hit you with Coming To Get Ya.The album continues to be feast of energy fueled rock through the final lap and into the home stretch, withEmergency and Burning The System. The title track,Renegade is a lap of honour champion track - it's big, ballsy and anthemic.

Renegade, is a strong début from Toseland that shows great promise for the future.

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