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At the risk of mixing genres of rock and (cough) musical theatre... as the song from Gypsy says “get yourself a gimmick and you too will be a star.”

Kiss have not only achieved superstar status, they have hit the stratosphere during their 40 year career. Their music is as recognisable as their image. The band have managed to turn 'Kiss' into a Worldwide brand but also ensured their legacy as one of the best rock bands ever.

Their camp Glam Rock appearance should have died out when the New Romantics came on the scene but with the big hair, shoulder pads and men in make up during the 80's, Kiss fitted right in and went from strength to strength.

As a celebration of their 40 Anniversary The Kiss 40 double CD features one track from every major studio album, the 78 solo albums as well as songs from compilations and the unrealeased song - “Reputation.” The album contains all the bands most well known songs “Detroit Rock City”, “Beth”, “Rock and Roll all Night”, “I Was Made For Loving You”, Lick It up” and “Crazy, Crazy, Nights”

For the completest you can get your hands on the Kissteria Vinyl Case. Although it's a nice package it's probably a tad pricey for most. The Kiss 40 CD is still a great celebration release and one step up from the average greatest hits collection which will keep the Kiss Army happy.

A fitting tribute to one of the biggest bands in rock Kisstory.

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