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Brighton based sludge punk rockers Ragweed waste no time drawing you into their dark and dirty world with their debut release Parerga. The opening track Black & Scaly is like the bastard love child of Black Sabbath and Nirvana. Things progress as the monster grows with the sleazy and awesome Dermol Dispenser. Strange Colour has a hypnotic rhythm that is perfect for the mosh pit! Divorce Reality drags you back into the sludgy and heavy bass grunge feel. Gun Fever and George Moshington are both warped and crazy. It's like Animal from the Muppets has taken over the studio – it's frenetic and badass.

The album is intense and raw. One moment there's discordant guitars giving you a right hook and thrashing drums and blasting vocals giving you a sonic kicking; The next there is infectious riffing and bass lines pulling you back to your feet. It's like Fight Club for your ear drums. It's punishing but you can't help wanting more.

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