Union chapel

17th Feb 2013

Elizabeth McGoven is a dark horse. Not only is she an amazingly gifted actor with pathos and subtly to her performances, she is also a musician, writer and singer to boot!

She has been playing guitar for many years and has turned up on many a film set with her guitar in hand. Anyone who's ever been on a set will tell you that there is plenty of sitting around to be done and McGovern has used her time to strum away and play some music. Song writing has become a hobby of hers over the years, but really took on a new level when she met virtuoso guitarist, Steve Nelson. Their weekly guitar practice soon turned into song writing sessions, and as the title of one of McGovern's song says, one thing lead to another, and Sadie and The Hotheads was formed.

The Hotheads took to the stage first playing a raunchy Cajun reprise of One Thing, before Elizabeth made her sultry entrance onto the Union Chapel stage and picked up her guitar. She has as much poise and presence on stage as she does on screen and is able to hold an audience. She appears totally at ease within that environment. If she was nervous it didn’t show.